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Culture +

Organisation Development =


Building HR, Culture, Talent, Data, Engagement, Inclusion for Scaling Startups and Coaching & Personal Consultancy for Individuals

3, 2, 1, TAKEOFF!

I am a people practitioner driving HR foundations, dynamic People Development and OD strategy to create purpose-driven, highly engaged, structured teams. I work with growing startups (in innovation & tech), founders, teams and individuals and I often build things from scratch. At the ROCK-IT we embrace both the art and science of the ‘people space’. Traditional HR is over. People before policies and results over processes.

Matyas has worked with:

Chief People Officer

Head of People

Management Consultant

Business Development
(Sao Paulo)

Graduate Programme

Coach & Mentor

Congressional Programme
(Washington D.C.)


  • Outcome-driven 1:1 coaching
  • Longer-term personal consultancy = coaching x psychotherapy
  • Psychometric & engagement workshop
  • Team profiling and effectiveness
  • Talent management series
  • Values + Mission + Vision
  • Setting up a HR/People function from scratch
  • Building Talent & Recruitment practices (tech integration, ATS)
  • Employee value proposition (EVP) implementation
  • Engagement analysis
  • OD & structural transformation management
  • Project Management for specific deliverables


If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your full potential, Matyas is that person. He played an integral role in helping me develop my skills in the tech industry, building my CV and preparing me for the interviews. He positively influenced my career trajectory and helped me build confidence in this challenging field. His dedication to his craft is nothing short of inspiring, and his ability to coach others is something that is remarkable. I’m grateful to have worked with Matyas and highly recommend him.

Aline Freire,
Account Manager (Brazil)

I worked directly with Matyas for more than two years at IKAWA, where he successfully set up the HR function from scratch. His proactive, people-led approach had a significant and lasting impact on culture, talent and policies – and was always a popular, effective member of the team.

 Ben Ireland,
Managing Director at IKAWA (Manchester) 

Matyas has been an incredible asset to 18 Week Support. He has navigated huge growth, cultural change and OD transformations. His positive, inclusive leadership, extreme hard work and passion for developing others has been remarkable. He has inspired many of us.

Dr Conal Perrett,
Founder and Chairman of 18 Week Support (London) 

I never thought that talking to someone could be so helpful in self-growth. By having Matyas listen, he created a safe space and ask me the right questions helping me to grow and evolve emotionally and professionally. To me it was and still is a help navigating through life, like a compass.

Designer (Slovenia) 

I was Matyas’ first hire in the People Team at 18WS. I was impressed by his vision for culture and his structure for setting an effective People function. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and I am grateful for his coaching and commitment to my development.

Daisy Hector,
HR Manager (London) 

My name is Matyas

I’ve always loved both art and science. As a child, I was painting landscapes of our local lake while competing in nation-wide Maths & Physics competitions. Later, I connected the dots and realised that art and science are not mutually exclusive, but that I could unite the skills I have gained in both in the ‘people space’. This made me create the ROCK-IT 🚀, a passion project (~love letter) to the fascinating nature of humans and their organisation in startups. I graduated as an Economist, studied Coaching, Architecture, became CIPD qualified and am currently studying Psychodynamic Counselling. I come from a family of six kids from Hungary, but I have spent most of my career across the U.S., Brazil, Czech Republic and the UK. I currently live in East London with my husband. I work mostly virtually (or in person, for those in London) with exciting, innovative businesses and individuals around the world.

Let’s rock it and talk about the ‘people space’.

Matyas’ Education:

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education 3

HR & People

education 4

Psychometric profiling