From building HR, Culture, Talent, Tech, Engagement & Inclusion (for Scaling Startups) and Coaching & Personal Consultancy for Individuals.

I partner with individuals (1:1) in the form of coaching or personal consultancy in a virtual setup. My approach is to bring my whole self, experience to the dynamic working relationship combining coaching and psychotherapy techniques to create a place where you feel safe. Each client is different. The focus can shift between the past and present, personality, career, family, frustration, desire, motivation and more.

  • Outcome-driven 1:1 coaching (e.g.: career, CV)
  • Longer-term personal consultancy = coaching x psychotherapy e.g.: self-awareness work)

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Having a high performing, engaged team is vital. It is important for the team member, the leader and the wider organisation. By combining technology, data, talent and psychometric tools, there are various ways we can develop others, connect and have fun. Get in touch if you have a challenge in mind or interested in any of the specific services.

  • Psychometric & engagement workshop
  • Team profiling and effectiveness
  • Talent management series
  • Mission + Vision + Values + EVP

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Organisations are complex. Hiring, retaining, developing and aligning talent towards the same mission in today’s ever-changing market is not an easy task for fast-growing startups. However, there are excellent frameworks, benchmarks, HR/People/Culture tools we can adopt to build bespoke and structured organisations. Helping leaders ready their teams for growth is what I enjoy the most.

  • Setting up a HR/People function from scratch
  • Building Recruitment/Talent practices (tech & ATS)
  • Employee value proposition (EVP) implementation
  • Engagement analysis
  • OD & structural transformation management
  • Project Management for specific deliverables

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